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2023-09-30 (Saturday) 9:15 EDT
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Discover 10x stocks on iBenkei.com, the ultimate DIY investment site!

It's not fun if it's not profitable! Please use iBenkei.com to select US stocks and other global stocks and decide where to invest!

iBenkei.com's greatest weapon is

・ "7 tools" for fundamental analysis such as FCF table and fair value calculator.

Don't invest without looking at the FCF table!」Is the ironclad rule of iBenkei.com. Of course, it is also possible to trade by relying only on your own "intuition". However, data-based "fundamental analysis" is indispensable for continuing to win in the long run. All data and tools for fundamental analysisare available at iBenkei.com.

iBenkei.com has an annual membership fee of $ 500.00. Compared to the quality, quantity and performance of that information, iBenkei.com is an absolute bargain! Click here to apply for membership of iBenkei.com!

iBenkei.com President
Takuya Arai

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