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iB Guide

By becoming a member of iBenkei.com, you can use the following information and services. Here you will find all the information and tools you need to succeed in investing in stocks.

■"7 tools" for successful investment

iBenkei.com has "7 tools" for investment such as:

FCF (Free Cash Flow) Table iBenkei's unique FCF table covers almost all the data required for each individual stock. For example,Google Inc. FCF table We have sales, profits and cash flows, as well as balance sheet analysis tables such as capital adequacy ratio and ROE, forecast PER for the next term (next term), and stock prices in terms X and Q. Also profile Stock price quotes | News | Charts | You can know "Google now" in one shot by using links such as earnings forecasts.

My company One of iBenkei's proud features is My Company. If you register the stocks in your portfolio or the stocks you are interested in here, the performance of Y-D compared to the previous day will be displayed, and when the breaking news is announced, the date and time will be automatically notified. You can register as many as you like with a theme, so you will almost never miss a purchase or sell. Please use it as a memorandum for very convenience.

My chart Wouldn't it be great if you could list the charts of the stocks you are investing in and the stocks you care about? That function is My Chart. The chart is very convenient because it has a 200-day moving average, a logarithmic display, and an Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

Fair Value Calculator To be successful in investing, first and foremost, what is the value of the stock you are investing in? Is the first thing to know. If you don't know the value in the first place, you don't know how much you should buy. The fair value calculated from future profits is called "Fair Value", and the Fair Value calculator instantly finds it. Once you use it, you can't let go!

Implied Growth Rate (IGR) Calculator Do you want to know how much growth the current stock price of MSFT is factoring in? Or rather, you should know it. So, we have prepared a Implied Growth Rate (IGR) calculator.If the expected growth rate of earnings, cash flow, etc. over the next one or two years exceeds the growth rate (intrinsic growth rate) factored into the current stock price, there is a big investment opportunity here. If it is the other way around, it is expensive. It is an indispensable tool for IGR calculators and growth stock investors who can find out cheap and expensive in one shot from the viewpoint of intrinsic growth rate.

Future Value Calculator Contrary to the IGR computer, this time, the question "What is the expected stock price in 5 to 10 years if this growth rate can be expected?" Is answered in an instant. This is also iBenkei's original Future Value calculator.

Investment idea The most difficult thing in terms of investment is how to find a good stock and how to get an investment idea, but at iBenkei, "FCF" It is displayed on the "My iB" page so that you can screen the stocks ranked by "Yin-Yang Yin-Yang", "Dividend Yield Table", etc. In addition, the My iB page has breaking news dates and IPO stock announcements, so you won't miss breaking news or "next Google"!

iBenkei.com, which has the above seven tools, is so excellent that even that Warren Buffett has been rumored to want to become a member if he can read Japanese (laughs). Please stay tuned.

■ Powerful and unrivaled screening function=iB Screener

iB Screener

Invest in the stocks you have discovered and succeed. This is the real pleasure of investing. However, finding a stock that matches your idea from among thousands of stocks is not a trivial task. The screening function is useful there, but Benkei's screener, iB Screener is Benkei's unique screener that allows you to select promising investment destinations from the perspective that Benkei considers to be the easiest and most effective. Not only Nasdaq100, S & P100, and Dow30, but also the financial and cash flows of the stocks used in the SP500, SP400, and SP600 indexes, all of which are excellent and can be searched by industry and sector. is.

Furthermore, by entering a simple conditional expression that suits your image, you can perform a one-shot search, which is a powerful tool for the next explosive stock search. Not to mention the ability to search by technical, cash flow, etc. Only @ iBenkei's. Both Moody's (MCO) and H & R Block (HRB) are eB, whose stock prices are rising due to Buffett's recent investment destinations. It is firmly in the Screener. Opportunities are always in iB Screener! Everyone, please make full use of eB Screener and use it for asset formation. stomach. If you find something good, please let us know at YDO.

In addition, the following search research results are prepared based on the huge amount of data inherent in iB Screener.

FCF positive and negative conversion table・・・ If cash flow turns from negative to positive during a certain period, this is a buying opportunity, and vice versa.。。。As I introduced in my book, this view can be a powerful investment method. However, it is difficult to see it all the time, but if you look at this "FCF positive and negative conversion table", you can see those changes in one shot. Never miss a chance to get a chance. Please use the "FCF positive and negative conversion table" developed for that purpose effectively.

Dividend yield table・・・ Investment is roughly divided into those aiming for capital gains and those aiming for income gains, but this "dividend yield table" is the best list for finding stocks that aim for high dividend stocks and invest in the long term. is. This is also SP500, SP400, SP600 Since the ones with high dividend rates are searched and ranked by each index of, this is a function that cannot be missed if you aim to invest in Rakuchin with high dividends.

CBP(Cash Burning Period) Table・・・There are successes and failures in business, but the "long-term short-selling strategy" is to focus on the "concept stock", which is preceded only by the strategic mistakes and ideas of the management team, and to make a profit by selling. There are various ways to short-sell, depending on where you look at it, but Benkei's short-selling technique is to focus on companies with negative cash flow and sell short. This "CBP table" is the weapon for that purpose. CBP indicates how many periods of negative free cash flow will cause the cash to be used up, but if a company's CBP is, for example, 5 months, it will take 5 months if there is no capital increase. You will go bankrupt. This CBP table is a list of companies with such a weak financial position. For those who love short selling, please use it as a kaiken for successful short selling.

Everyone's community, Y.D.O.


A unique feature of iBenkei.com is the active exchange of investment ideas or expertise from its members. At the center of this is the bulletin board Y.D.O.and Beyond , which has received tremendous support from its members. Many of our members are active on the front lines of the world's leading Japanese and American companies. It can be said that the various information and expertise from such people creates great value that cannot be bought with money . In fact, the "YDO brand" that was talked about in "Y.D.O. and Beyond" often far exceeds the performance of the "Benkei brand", and we always refer to it a lot.

Y.D.O. AND BEYOND is "Yo ~, someone, tell me ~" (abbreviated as Y.D.O.) Let's listen to anything with the etymology of (Kedesu), the person who is asked knows It is operated according to the "Y.D.O. spirit" that we will answer anything, and the meeting This corner is loved by all the members. Hamatte for investment You may feel lonely or your field of vision may be narrowed. However, if you watch this Y.D.O. AND BEYOND every day and participate, any problem will be instant. Will be resolved. You are NOT alone! "Y.D.O.and Beyond", patronage Thank you.

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